Music For Pleasure
I will be playing a bunch of crackly old discs at this years Pick Me Up graphic arts festival. All the music and talks emanating from the Comms Bureau will be broadcast online via PMU Radio. I’ll post a link to the URL once its set up so that you can tune in.
The Weight of the World
Today is just the beginning…
…from today I am represented by Agency Rush
Carry That Weight
The Magic Bus
Comms Bureau at Pick Me Up 2014
I am taking part in a collective exhibition going by the name of Comms Bureau at this years Pick Me Up festival.
Comms Bureau will be responsible for PMU Radio, a radio station run by this curated group of artists. The station will celebrate the connections between the contemporary graphic arts and music, and will be broadcasting live out of Pick Me Up Contemporary Graphic Arts Festival everyday for the duration of the festival (24th April-5th May).
The broadcast will include DJ slots, live acts and special days of curated content. As well as a series of talks and workshops being held within the space. Check the Schedule for more details.
Within the space visitors will be able to come and enjoy the entertainment, dancing to music, watching live acts and talks and taking part in workshops.
Visitors will also be able to buy merchandise as well as limited edition 12”x12” prints specially created for the event by the selected Comms Bureau artists. The prints will be placed in record bins which people will be invited to ‘dig’ through as if they were digging for their favourite record.
We really need your help though and have set up a Kickstarter with lots of great rewards that will hopefully help us to raise funds for much needed equipment hire and the like.
If you’re feeling generous then please have a look HERE
The Run Away